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The Emotional End of Dentistry…..

Days of being a dentist often are filled with performing tasks that patients REALLY don’t want us to do. However, we try our best to keep things positive, and educate, inform, and always turn the control of the procedure back to the patient. We accomplish this by asking the patient to raise their hand in the air if anything is sensitive or bothers them.

I feel this method takes a lot of the anxiety out of the process for people, because they know that I will stop if they express any need for me to stop.

I have even taken the added step of including Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) to our practice. The beauty of Nitrous is that it safely sedates patients, yet the sedation disappears as soon as we have the patient breathe Oxygen for 5 minutes after the procedure. Thus, patients can drive home, and carry on as if nothing was done.

I also am licensed to add an oral sedative to those that need it, in addition to the Nitrous.

One of the challenges in children’s dentistry is that they often require extraction of some baby teeth to allow adult teeth to grow in straight.
I’d like to share with you my experience with one little boy not to long ago. The orthodontist had called for the extraction of one of his baby lower eye teeth to be extracted. He had never had any dental work done, other than routine check ups and cleanings. So I consulted with mom and dad about using Nitrous during the appointment. They decided that this would be a good idea.

The day of the appointment, they came in, and he was so brave. We put the little nasal hood on his nose, and let him drift into his happy space. I numbed him up, which he didn’t feel; extracted the tooth, and placed a little gauze pad in his mouth for him to bite on. Before I could say another word, he rolled over, (nasal hood and all), and gave me the biggest hug, and whispered “Thank you Dr. Della” in my ear.

He left the office with the biggest smile on his face, his tooth in a special container, and a couple of prizes in his hands.

And I left work with the biggest smile on my face….mission accomplished; painlessly!

Dr Della