Extractions are something that patients take very seriously. It seems we all know someone who can tell the tale of the dentist having the knee on teir chest, or some such nonsense. That just isn’t done (at least in my clinic). Patients are always given the option of Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas), or oral sedation. The oral sedation is a medication that they take under their tongue, and will need someone to take them hon=me and stay with them. We monitor the patients the entire time (Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, and Oxygen levels). They are never left unattended. Children really benefit from the nitrous, because after we turn it down, and let them breathe Oxygen for 5 minutes, they come right back to normal. I do a lot of surgery, so the efficiency of wisdom teeth extractions is very good.

My goal is always to have a patient as happy at the end of the procedure, than at the beginning of it.