General Dentistry

We provide all the basic needs of any dental patient, whether young, elderly, and everyone in between. The building is handicapped accessible, and there is plenty of free parking on the other side of 6th Ave.

We provide general dentistry, with or without sedation. Fillings are placed according to the location; certain materials work best on root surfaces, and others work best on the coronal part of the tooth (the part you can see). We use mostly white filling, although there are certain instances where silver is the only choice. Patients are always advised of the tooth material prior to placement, as I feel it is important that the patients are informed as to the procedures being performed in their mouths.

For our more anxious patients, we offer Nitrous oxide (Laughing gas), and oral sedation, if they meet certain medical criteria, and we monitor their heart rate, Oxygen levels, and Blood Pressure at all times. Patients are NEVER left unattended for any part of the sedation.

We also use Velscope as an oral cancer screening which takes 2 minutes.  We are also licensed to treat mild-moderate sleep apnea (including snoring)!