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“Our area code is different, because my approach to dentistry is different….there is no salesmanship; just information and education, where the patient is fully in charge of the treatment options they choose.” – Dr. Della Summers

We strive to make dentistry as easy on the patients as is possible. I have designed the reception room to be that of a living room, rather than an office.

After patients have had a consultation and decided the course of dentistry they would like to proceed on, we offer treatment with Nitrous Oxide Sedation (laughing gas), oral sedation (fully monitored oxygen levels, heart rate, and blood pressure), or a combination of both.

I believe that the kindest thing we can do for our patients is to make them as comfortable as possible while in our care. I’m all about informing patients each step of the way, and try to never leave them alone, wondering “what’s next?”

I feel the best compliment I can receive from a patient is when they say, “I feel like I was visiting my friends, rather than a dentist”! We work very hard to make that happen, as most people are fairly stressed when they come to the dental office.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to be known as the dental office that provides the best SERVICE and CARE for our patients. We strive to provide excellent results and to be the most friendly, positive thinking staff and doctor possible. We want to ensure that our patients know they are the utmost purpose of our practice; we want to be recognized for our excellent service. The care we provide should be made as painless as possible. There is a gentle way to do things, and a rough way to do things…we are GENTLE. Complaints from patients will be taken very seriously.

We are dedicated to helping each patient attain maximum good oral health. We do this through education, empathy, listening, and making the patients feel comfortable in our office. We treat everyone with the utmost dignity and respect. Humor, patience, and understanding are tools we use to put patients at ease. Patients are given the utmost control over the treatment they receive. We give them the options and complications, and let them decide. Our primary job is to educate them, giving them the tools to make educated choices about their health care.

Our purpose is to operate as a patient based clinic with unparalleled quality and patient service.

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Dr. Della Summers Dental Solutions
435-546 St. Paul St.
Kamloops, BC V2C 5T1

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Dr. Della Summers Dental Solutions

435-546 St. Paul St.
Kamloops, BC V2C 5T1