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Dr. Della Summers Dental Solutions is conveniently located in central downtown Kamloops. It borders the beginning of residential areas, and is in a high traffic building housing the Life Labs clinic, plus many Doctors’ offices.

Our clinic is instantly different from other clinics anywhere. The reception area is designed like a residential living room, complete with wainscoting and fireplace. There is a separate children’s area, with books, a wall mounted maze, and an Xbox with dual controls.

We have a Wifi Lounge for those that wish to use it, with a secure password that is given to the patients themselves.

Entering the office, one will immediately notice a difference from the standard clinical setting of most dental practices. Most of the patients and staff call the reception area “The Living Room”. There is a warm ambiance, which is enhanced by the friendly, highly efficient staff.

We have been blessed by having numerous patients from the clinic that Dr. Summers worked at follow us, but there is always room for more!. We feel that the greatest compliment a patient can give us is the referral of friends and family. It tells us that we’re doing something right!

A patient’s first visit will often be spent initially with the hygienist (whom are both very gentle and friendly!). They will map out the gum and bone levels of the patient, and describe the conditions to Dr. Summers. Radiographs (all digital) will be taken with the patient’s consent.

Dr. Summers will perform a complete dental, head and neck exam, plus an intraoral cancer screening. If there is a lot of work to be done, or questions about sedation (of either oral sedation or Nitrous oxide), the patient will be asked to come back for a consultation. All treatment plans, options, and costs will be explained to them at this time.

Our clinic is fully digital, including charts, patient education, XRays, and a CT scanner. If a patient has difficulty with gagging problems, please advise us, and we can take equivalent XRays on our large machine, where nothing is put in your mouth. This makes it so much easier on patients who are claustrophobic, or have difficulties with Xrays in their mouth.

One popular diagnostic tool that Dr. Summers has in place is the CariVu system. This is an infra-red light that is shone over the tooth of concern; a close-up photo of the site is taken, and it shows many defects in the tooth that aren’t easily visible to the naked eye, or on XRay.

Dr. Summers would like to note that this diagnostic tool is so new, that only 4 other clinics in BC have it!

“It’s amazing what the CariVu and CT scanner have done to ease the diagnostic burden of some difficult fractures and cavities…..and, they are both painless!” – Dr. D Summers

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Dr. Della Summers Dental Solutions
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Dr. Della Summers Dental Solutions

435-546 St. Paul St.
Kamloops, BC V2C 5T1